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December 24

On this day in 1572 a printer named Jacques Sabon became the owner of a in Frankfurt for the sum of 425 gulden. This business had originally been set up by Christian Egenolff in 1530. It had been operated successfully until his death in 1555, when it was continued by his widow under the name [...]

September 10

The life of a proofreader in France was made more carefree this day in 1572 when a royal edict was published, saying, “The master printers shall deliver to compositors only copy which has been revised, edited, and put in proper form, to the end that the labor of typesetting shall not be slowed down by [...]

June 9

“Nos, laus Deo, omnia absolvimus qua ad Biblla regia pertinent,” wrote the great Antwerp printer Christopher Plantin on this day in 1572, in a thankful and weary statement which may be translated, “Praise be to God we have finished everything pertaining to the Royal Bible.” Plantin bad reason to be weary, as he had just [...]