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July 26

On his day in 1775 the Second Continental Congress took action upon the report of a “Committee to consider the best means of establishing Posts for conveying Letters and Intelligence through this Continent.” Thus was the first publicly-owned American postal system set up in opposition to that of the British government. However, the role of [...]

April 7

“The printers beg leave to acquaint their Subscribers and the Public, that the Types with which this Paper is printed are of AMERICAN manufacture, and should it by this means fail of giving such entire satisfaction to the judicious and accurate eye, they hope every patriotic allowance will be made in its favour, and that [...]

January 9

Published upon this day in the year 1775 was the first great best-selling book on the American continent. Written by Thomas Paine, staymaker, pedagogue, customs officer, journalist, and toper, Common Sense was an instantaneous success, being hawked in almost every corner of the English Colonies within days of publication. It has been estimated that the [...]

January 8

On this day in 1775, John Baskerville died. Born at Walverley, in Worchestershire, England, in 1706, Baskerville at an early age acquired such skill in penmanship that he was prompted to maintain a school in the subject in Birmingham. In 1735 he began a career in the japanning process which was then most popular for [...]