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December 7

The last letter personally written by Samuel Johnson was composed this day in 1784 and addressed to William Strahan, his friend and the printer of a number of his works, including the Dictionary: “Sir, I was not sure that I read your figures right, and therefore must trouble YOU to set down in words how [...]

October 11

The journal kept by Benjamin Franklin Bache records for this day in 1784: “Began to cast a fount of St. Augustine.” The senior Benjamin Franklin had brought his two grandsons, Temple and Benjamin, to Europe when he was appointed Ambassador to France. Towards the end of his stay there, he was determined to teach Benjamin [...]

August 26

Of Christopher Sower, Jr. of Germantown, Pennsylvania, who died upon this day in 1784, the historian Isaiah Thomas said, “No medicines could be esteemed effectual, unless procured at Sower’s apothecary shop; no almanac, unless published by him, could be correct in time and weather; no newspaper promulgated truth but Christopher Sower’s German Gazette.” Thomas might [...]