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November 1

The first entry in the account book of Messrs. Binny & Ronaldson, typefounders of Philadelphia, is dated November 1, 1796 and lists one “John Scull of Pittsburg—$9.00.” And so began the first permanent and successful typefoundry in the United States. Archibald Binny, printer, and James Ronaldson, baker, had come from Edinburgh, Scotland, had renewed an [...]

October 4

On or about this day in 1796,William Henry Ireland published in London An Authentic Account of the Shakspeare Manuscripts, in which he confessed the sensational forgery of several Shakespeare manuscripts. Ireland wrote: “I solemnly declare first, that my father was perfectly unacquainted with the whole affair, believing the papers most firmly the productions of Shakspeare. [...]

July 9

E.W.G. Kircher, a printer of Goslar, a city located just a few miles inside the eastern border of West Germany, petitioned the City Council on this day in 1796 as follows: “I, the undersigned, transfer to the engraver, Herr Walbaum of this town, and his wife the privilege graciously granted me by the Most Honourable [...]

July 3

Andrew Marvell essayist, wit, controversialist, Member of Parliament, received upon this day in 1796 a letter which read, ‘If thou darest to print any lie or libel against Doctor Parker, by the eternal God, I will cut thy throat.” The correspondent, who merely signed himself J.G., was a partisan favoring Parker, the Bishop of Oxford, [...]

January 4

Henry George Bohn, English linguist, bookseller, publisher, and art connoisseur , was born upon this day in 1796. He achieved distinction in all of these endeavors until his death in his eight-ninth year. Appearing before the Philobiblon Society in April, 1857, he gave a long and curious lecture concerning the history of printing. It was [...]