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October 23

If ever an opportunity was missed to engage in a bit of promotion, the fact has gone unrecorded in the long career of Duff Green, a Kentucky politician who parlayed a chance meeting on an Ohio River keelboat with Andrew Jackson into a long series of spectacular schemes from most of which he emerged successful. [...]

March 24

“I was born at Walthamstow in Essex in March 1834, a suburban village on the edge of Epping Forest, and once a pleasant place enough, but now terribly cocknified and choked up by the jerry-builder.” So wrote William Morris in 1834 referring to his birth upon this day. Born to enjoy a reasonable affluence, Morris [...]

March 22

In 1834 upon this day a new sixteen page weekly named the New Yorker was published. It was edited by a young compositor from Vermont by the name of Horace Greeley, then just twenty-three years of age. In his opening statement, the youthful editor wrote, “Our paper is not blazoned through the land as ‘The [...]

February 26

In the city of Munich, Germany on February 26, 1834 there died in moderate circumstances in his sixty-third year, a former actor-dramatist named Alois Senefelder, the inventor of the printing process called lithography. The son of an actor of the Theatre Royal in Munich, Senefelder was sent to the university of Ingolstadt to study jurisprudence, [...]