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October 17

“I have struck off 250 copies of the hymn beginning ‘Behold the Saviour of Mankind,’ with a chorus for occasional use. My press is very rude, but I am anticipating better days.” Thus reads the Journal kept by the Reverend James Evans, for this day in 1840. Many years later, the naturalist and author, Ernest [...]

August 21

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin on this day in 1840 was born Nelson C.. Hawks, who was to become—to borrow a journalistic expression—the “father” of the American Point System of type measurement. At sixteen years of age Hawks was apprenticed to a printer, but a month after he had gone to work, his employers sold the business, [...]

January 15

“The Charles Whittinghams, Uncle and Nephew, were creditors of our age, or at least, of those among us who confess a liking for comely books. There is a real debt of thankfulness still owing them, and a considerable balance of it will be carried forward to the account of generations which are yet to come [...]