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December 18

On this day in 1858 two printer-newsmen, W.L. Jernegan and Alfred James, set up a printing press in the village of Genoa in the Utah Territory and produced the first issue of a sheet which they called the Territorial Enterprise. The town was but a freighter’s way-station between California and Deseret. The paper managed to [...]

December 4

Timothy Alden, of the sixth generation in direct descent from John Alden of Plymouth Colony and Courtship of Miles Standish fame, died on this day in 1858 in his thirty-ninth year, worn out from his endeavors in the creation of a typesetting machine. Born in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, he was apprenticed at the age of sixteen [...]

June 29

Compositor William A. Hunter, of Bryan, Ohio no doubt wearying of his continued purchasing of soap, received a patent this day in 1858 which offered some promise of alleviating the problem. The nature of Hunter’s contribution to the history of American ingenuity evolved the construction of a type case with a metallic screen bottom. In [...]