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October 6

Under this date in 1868 The Printer’s Register, a British periodical, published the following note: “A Buffalo American Exchange says:—There is no typefoundry in the world superior—either in beauty or durability of its wares—to the famous Johnson Foundry of Philadelphia, now worthily carried on by Messrs. MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, the successors of the lamented [...]

July 18

Addressing the Editor of The Printer’s Register, a Dublin printer on this day in wrote about the effect of the Factory Acts Extension Act of 1867, relative to the employment of young people and women: “None of us can object to the general principles of the Act, or their application to our trade; but I [...]

July 10

Born this day in the city of Boston in 1868 was a man whose career spanned the most important typographical trends of the last hundred years, and who lived long enough to be called the “dean” of American typographers, art directors, and designers. Will Bradley first handled type in his sixth year when his father, [...]

March 9

A slyly inserted item appeared in the New York Tribune under this date in 1868, concerning its rival, the World: “On Wednesday night the compositors of the World quarrelled over a ‘fat take,’ and during the row accidentally pied a ‘saving galley,’ containing the following words: —146 Grants, 122 drunken louts, 40 Greeleys, 6,000 Tribunes, [...]

March 6

The British periodical, The Printer’s Register, dated on this day in 1868, contained the following item: “The Typos and Artemus Ward—The Chicago Evening Journal says that the National Typographical Union at its session in Washington, adopted a resolution directing that the funds now in the hands of the late secretary and treasurer, collected for the [...]

February 6

On February 6, 1868 the English printing periodical, The Printers’ Register, published the “Reflections of an American Country Printer on Printing Considered as a Fine Art.” The country printer evidently chose to remain anonymous but his meditations have the universality of all printers in love with their craft. “The great intelligence of printers,” he wrote, “is [...]