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August 7

Printers have ever been quick to dissent from prevailing acceptance of unsophisticated promotion; thus typo Charles H. Gard of Chicago followed tradition when he took pen in hand and placed tongue in cheek on this day in 1890 to write to the editor of a printer’s trade publication: “I clip the following from the Printer’s [...]

May 18

On this day just sixty years after Earnest Elmo Calkins set (and promptly pied) his first line of type in 1890, he received the medal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, with the following citation: “To Earnest Elmo Calkins, Printer Writer, Collector, Dean of Advertising Men; Founder of the Advertising Agency As we know [...]

April 16

In a paper read before the Society of Arts in London on this day in 1890,the English typefounder and writer, Talbot Baines Reed, discussed the revival of interest in typography then taking place. Most of his comments were to the point and bear repeating for the present generation of typographers: “As artists,” he began, “the [...]

February 13

On this day in 1890 the Pall Mall Gazette of London carried an account of an interview with a pair of ladies who had possessed the temerity to invade the province of the Victorian Make by founding a Journalists’ Training Home for Women, in which were to be trained compositors, readers, shorthand writers, reporters, and [...]