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November 16

A printer from Princeton, Indiana, named Donald McDowell Keys, wrote in a letter under this date in 1891 saying in part: “I am an ardent admirer of typographical beauty and excellence wherever seen, and especially so in newspaper work, because of its comparative variety in this line. There may be handsomer sheets than the great [...]

October 12

In the city of Chicago the American Newspaper Publishers Association conducted on this day in 1891 a test to determine whether or not typesetting by machine was really efficient and practicable and to find which of the machines then under development was the best for newspaper purposes. The machines pitted against one another in this [...]

May 28

William A. Kittredge was born into the family of a Lowell, Massachusetts printer on this day in 1891. Just fourteen years later he was beginning his apprenticeship as a compositor at the Parkhurst Press, Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Afterwards he undertook the traditional journey, working as far away from New England as Elk River, Idaho. By 1914 [...]

April 8

Early in 1891 there was set up in the Parish of St Bride in London a Foundation which was to be a center for educational and social activities in the area. This spot happened to be also the heart of the district which had contained, from the time of Wynkyn de Worde, the majority of [...]