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October 13

Bibliophiles, and particularly collectors of Poe, undoubtedly noted with chagrin the letter written upon this date in 1893 by Francis A. Teall, a retired proofreader of Bloomfield, New Jersey. “Being on a visit to my son, F. Horace Teall, I came across a paragraph in your September number containing a statement that calls for explanation, [...]

May 16

It was a happy day, indeed, for authors with writers’ cramp and for typesetters who had to follow copy, when on May 16, 1893 Patent No. 497560 was issued to a Brooklynite named Herman L. Wagner, who in company with his brother Franz developed the first typewriter with a visible front-strike design. The writer could [...]

February 25

In a letter to the editor of the Press News on this date in 1893, William Morris proprietor of the Kelmscott Press, substantiated what he had said to a representative of the London Daily Chronicle when pressed for his views upon printing and the current state of the art in England and across the Atlantic [...]