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July 17

On this summer day in 1903 in a Park Ridge, Illinois barn there was struck the first proof to come from the Village Press under the watchful eyes of its enthusiastic proprietors, Frederic W. Goudy, Bertha Goudy, and Will Ransom Whereas most private presses consider type to be but one of the appurtenances of a [...]

June 15

On this day in 1903 a young man named Dard Hunter just nineteen years old, awoke in the sleeping car of a railroad train to find himself in the Buffalo, New York station. The son of the publisher of the Gazette in Steubenville, Ohio, Hunter had been introduced to the typesetter’s case at eight years [...]

April 4

The journal of Will Ransom contained an entry for April 4, 1903: “Saturday. Before I went to work this morning I went up to see Goudy and he made me a proposition to work with him during the summer. I might make enough to live on, but probably not, and then he may go East [...]