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December 8

A professor of English achieved on this day in 1920 a certain kind of immortality not usual to his profession. He read a paper before the Fortnightly Club of Rochester, New York, which bore the title, Printing and the Renaissance. John Rothwell Slater was of course not an ordinary English professor as the content of [...]

August 18

Harold Curwen, proprietor of the distinguished English printing office, the Curwen Press, wrote under this date in 1920 to Oliver Simon, a recently demobilized young officer of the 53rd (Welsh) Divisional Cyclist Company: “I think I shall get this through all right but I’ll have to speak to the whole of the Combined Chapel before [...]

April 14

A series of letters, one of which was dated April 14, 1920, were written between a boy employed as a printer’s “devil” and the well-known printer of Salt Lake City, C.H. Porte. In them the numerous problems of the beginner in a printing office were discussed. The boy’s questions were plaintive, and the answers he [...]

January 14

It was possible upon this date in 1920 for a fortunate bibliophile with an interest in printing to purchase at auction any of the more than two thousand books from the library of the great American printer, Theodore Low De Vinne which were then being offered for realized just over twenty-four thousand dollars, and the [...]