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November 7

Eric Gill, printer, type designer, engraver, and long-established critic of the machine in the affairs of mankind, wrote to G.K’s Weekly on this date in 1925: “Sir: With reference to the letter of M.W.S. Roe in your issue of October 17. The matter of machinery is one to which you will be giving your official [...]

June 16

Mr. Porter Garnett, associate professor of graphic arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology, received a letter, dated this day in 1925, from Mr. Henry L. Bullen, curator of the Typographic Library and Museum of the American Type Founders Company, at Jersey City. This correspondence stated in part: “The Library has just received specimens Nos. 17 [...]

April 18

On April 18, 1925, a printer discussed in a radio talk the production of a book which had been printed in his plant. Normally reticent about speaking in public, William Edwin Rudge was perhaps emboldened by the fact that it was also his wedding anniversary. The Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, then located in [...]