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November 13

In a letter dated this day in 1946 and addressed to a firm of Edinburgh printers, George Bernard Shaw said, in part: “So the great firm of R. & R. Clark is 100 years old; and I am only 90! It seems to me to have been ordained by Providence to be ready for me [...]

April 26

“In the choice of books to print I have been influenced partly by my own personal taste in literature and partly by the suitability of a book from the purely typographical standpoint—or perhaps it would be more true to say by a combination of these two factors.” C.H. St. John Hornby, proprietor of the great [...]

March 25

On the letterhead of the Department of Fine Arts of Wells College, in the Finger Lakes country of New York State, Victor Hammer wrote to his friend, Howard Coggeshall, the Utica printer, on this date in 1946 and enclosed some specimens of his recent printing at the Wells College Press. The outstanding item was A [...]

March 7

“This book has been a conspiracy. Building it has been an adventure, an experience, a headache and a pleasure . . . mixed up day by day.” So wrote Paul A. Bennett in the introduction of a book put together for a single purpose, presentation to Frederic W. Goudy on this day in 1935, the [...]