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June 5

Across Harvard Yard at the commencement exercises on this June day in 1947 came the sonorous phrases of a recitation citing a printer for an honorary degree: “William Addison Dwiggins: Typographical designer whose skill and creative imagination have left a lasting impress on the pages of time.” Thus America’s oldest university honored with a Master [...]

May 8

“Dear Sol,” wrote Frederic W. Goudy on May 8, 1947 in what was to be the last of countless letters which had come from the hand of the great type designer, “I would have written you long ago except for an acute attack of neuritis which has kept me in the house since early in [...]

February 20

On this day, in 1947, James T. Babb, librarian of Yale University, journeyed to New York City with a check in his pocket made out in the sum of $151,000 to Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach, America’s great rare book dealer. In return for this slip of paper he received a copy of what appeared to be [...]