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October 21

On this day in 1948 Alfred A. Knopf, the publisher, addressed the members of the Grolier Club in a little talk which he titled “Random Recollections.” It can be said of Knopf that he has more than any other American publisher consistently applied the highest manufacturing standards. The list for which he has been responsible [...]

June 30

On this day in 1948 occurred the death of the most prolific of all American type designers, Morris Fuller Benton. We have grown accustomed to considering Frederic W. Goudy as the type designer who contributed the widest variety of types to America’s composing rooms. But when comparing the output of the almost forgotten Morris Benton [...]

May 21

On May 21, 1948 Bruce Rogers was honored with the gold medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Chauncey Brewster Tinker, who had made the presentation, stated in part: “I have the honor to present to Bruce Rogers, designer of books, the gold medal of the Academy for special distinction in the arts. [...]