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November 23

It’s not often that a contemporary typographer has the opportunity to practice paleontology and to experience the excitement enjoyed by the first translators of the Rosetta Stone. It was therefore with a spirit of adventure that our compositor picked up a copy of a fifty-cent Penguin book on this day in 1962, having read that [...]

June 19

John W. Gardner, President of the Carnegie Corporation, in an address before the annual meeting of American school board members on this day in 1962, said: “A school board member . . . should understand, for example, that there is a lot that no one knows for sure about the teaching of reading. Beware of [...]

March 15

“I think I am dying,” wrote Sir Sidney Carlyle Cockerell upon a set of postcards of the spring flowers in Kew Gardens, and sent them to his family and friends, postmarked this day in 1962. The fact that he was then in his ninety-fifth year and had been confined to his bed for a number [...]

January 20

The life of one of America’s fine printers came to a premature end on this day in 1962. Peter Beilenson introduced countless bookbuyers to good printing at extremely reasonable prices through the medium of his Peter Pauper Press. He was a man who had early in life decided what he wanted to do and who [...]