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October 19

The New York printer, Hugh Gaine, advertised in the pages of The New York Mercury, dated this day in 1772: “Wanted an Apprentice to the Printing Business and a Journey Man Printer, that is a good Press Man, at which Branch he will only be employed. Such a Person will meet with employ for a [...]

October 9

At one of the sessions of the third annual meeting of the United Typothetae of America, on October 9, 1889, Andrew McNally, the president of the employers’ association, harangued his audience with an account of the problems facing the members of the group. The probability of national acceptance of the eight-hour day was an important [...]

June 4

At the age of seven years Isaiah Thomas was indentured to a Boston printer named Zechariah Fowle, on this day in 1756. The articles provided that: “The said apprentice, his said master and mistress, well and faithfully shall serve; their secrets he shall keep close; their commandments lawful and honest everywhere he shall gladly obey; [...]

May 27

A faded statement, written in pencil on a piece of paper with the single word “Memorandums’ set in the left-hand comer in 18-point Gretchen caps, was attached to a page tom from a copy of The Inland Printer. Under the date of May 27, 1913 were the words, “Be sure the new boy sees this!” [...]

May 9

The proprietor of the Northern Whig of Hudson, New York engaged this day in 1809 in a controversy with the local postmaster over the employment of an apprentice to fetch the mail, the postmaster demanding a written order from the editor upon each occasion that the boy appeared in his post office. The poor apprentice [...]

April 14

A series of letters, one of which was dated April 14, 1920, were written between a boy employed as a printer’s “devil” and the well-known printer of Salt Lake City, C.H. Porte. In them the numerous problems of the beginner in a printing office were discussed. The boy’s questions were plaintive, and the answers he [...]

January 25

Apprentice contracts are still required between employer and employee, but the language in which they are composed is quite mild compared to that used during the last century, if we can accept as normal a contract made this day in Canada. It is probably period. “This indenture, made the Twenty-fifth day of January, one thousand [...]