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October 27

Those printers who are interested in the equipment of a printing office in the American colonies during the 18th century are indebted to Benjamin Franklin for a concise list of materials which he helped to secure for the establishment of such an office. In a letter posted from Philadelphia on this date in 1753, Franklin [...]

October 14

Just three years prior to his death, Benjamin Franklin took the trouble to write to Signor Giambattista Bodoni of Parma, Italy. Under the date, October 14, 1787, Franklin wrote: “I have had the very great pleasure of receiving and perusing your excellent Essai des Caractères de l’Imprimerie. It is one of the most beautiful that [...]

October 11

The journal kept by Benjamin Franklin Bache records for this day in 1784: “Began to cast a fount of St. Augustine.” The senior Benjamin Franklin had brought his two grandsons, Temple and Benjamin, to Europe when he was appointed Ambassador to France. Towards the end of his stay there, he was determined to teach Benjamin [...]

September 23

Benjamin Franklin, in his role as entrepreneur, inserted in the columns of his newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette, on this day in 1742 an advertisement on behalf of his friend William Parks, the pioneer printer of Virginia: “An honest and diligent Person, that is capable of building a good Paper-mill, and another that understands the Making [...]

July 26

On his day in 1775 the Second Continental Congress took action upon the report of a “Committee to consider the best means of establishing Posts for conveying Letters and Intelligence through this Continent.” Thus was the first publicly-owned American postal system set up in opposition to that of the British government. However, the role of [...]

June 18

On or about this date in 1788 a retired printer, statesman, and flyer of kites wrote to William Caslon III: “I yesterday received your favour of April 2, informing me that the Types I ordered by mine of Feby 17, would be shipt in about a Fortnight which I am glad to hear. I promised [...]

June 10

“Being frequently censur’d and condemn’d by Different Persons for printing Things which they say ought not to be printed, I have sometimes thought it might be necessary to make a standing Apology for myself, and publish it once a Year, to be read upon all Occasions of that Nature.” So began an article published by [...]

February 29

“The Printer to the Reader, Philadelphia, February 29, 1743/4.” So began the colophon to M.T. Cicero’s Cato Major, or His Discourse on Old Age, printed and published by Benjamin Franklin, and considered to be Franklin’s finest effort as a printer. The colophon continued: “This version of CICERO’S TRACT de Senectute, was made Ten Years since, [...]

January 17

If any printer doesn’t know that his patron saint was born upon this day in 1706, he must be a hibernating mammal, as each year the printing industry uses Benjamin Franklin‘s birthday as an excuse to stand up and shout, “Look at me, I’m a printer, too!” Possibly a hundred years ago this date was [...]