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October 2

By decree of the English Parliament, from this day in 1543, it was enacted that no person or persons “should take upon him, or them, to read, openly, to other, in any church, or open assembly, within any of the king’s dominions, the Bible, or any part of Scripture, in English, unless he was so [...]

June 9

“Nos, laus Deo, omnia absolvimus qua ad Biblla regia pertinent,” wrote the great Antwerp printer Christopher Plantin on this day in 1572, in a thankful and weary statement which may be translated, “Praise be to God we have finished everything pertaining to the Royal Bible.” Plantin bad reason to be weary, as he had just [...]

January 22

In a bull dated January 22,1587, Pope Sixtus V issued a mandate officially recognizing the press which he had ordered established the previous year in the Vatican Library. Called at first the Typographia Vaticana, this press has survived under a variety of names and is presently known as the Vatican Printing Office. Sixtus V, the [...]