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November 1

The first entry in the account book of Messrs. Binny & Ronaldson, typefounders of Philadelphia, is dated November 1, 1796 and lists one “John Scull of Pittsburg—$9.00.” And so began the first permanent and successful typefoundry in the United States. Archibald Binny, printer, and James Ronaldson, baker, had come from Edinburgh, Scotland, had renewed an [...]

May 12

An advertisement appearing in the Philadelphia Aurora on this spring day in 1797 read: “TYPEFOUNDERS papier-maché Wanted, five or six journeymen typefounders, to whom the highest wages and constant employment will be given papier-maché Also an apprentice wanted. Apply at Binny & Ronaldson’s FOUNDRY, in CEDAR at the end of ELEVENTH Street, PHILADELPHIA, where any [...]

January 2

According to Mr. P.J. Conkwright, typographer to Princeton University, the first use, to his knowledge, of the type-cast dollar sign ($) occurred in the year 1802 on this date. The vehicle of this typographic innovation was William Duane’s Philadelphia Aurora, in which appeared a Treasury Department report by Abraham Alphonse Albert Gallatin, the brilliant Swiss [...]