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Rollins: Master Printer in the Best Tradition Of His Craft

  The year 1880 was certainly a prime one for 20th century American typography, and fortunately we are still feeling the effects. We could, in fact, use a few more years like it, for in that one calendar period William A Dwiggins, Thomas Maitland Cleland and Carl Purington Rollins were born, into homes in such [...]

November 20

A Harvard man who for thirty years was notably connected with Yale University died upon this day in 1960 at the age of 80. Carl Purington Rollins, one of the very fine printers of our time, served as Printer to Yale from 1920 to his retirement in 1948, when he was named Printer Emeritus. A [...]

April 19

“It is one of the more felicitous privileges of the bookman’s life to meet in this hall. In the sixty-odd years of the Grolier Club’s existence, it has made a distinguished name for itself as an association of book collectors and book makers. And I think it is sometimes overlooked that without book makers, that [...]

January 14

It was possible upon this date in 1920 for a fortunate bibliophile with an interest in printing to purchase at auction any of the more than two thousand books from the library of the great American printer, Theodore Low De Vinne which were then being offered for realized just over twenty-four thousand dollars, and the [...]