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August 24

The copy of the great bible printed by Johann Gutenberg in Maim, Germany and now in the possession of the Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris, contains a note in the hand of Heinrich Cremer of St. Stephens College, Mainz, dated this day in 1456,that he had completed the illumination, headings, and binding. This is the earliest [...]

August 16

“Dear Doctor: A moment of historical importance, not only for our monastery but for the whole civilized and literary world, has come on: the moment in which we are about to put into your hands the most precious jewel of our archives, one of the oldest books of the world, a copy of the parchment-bible, [...]

March 10

“Hearing / Before the / Committee on the Library / House of Representatives / Seventy-first Congress / Second Session / on / H.R. 6147 / A bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to the Joint Committee on the Library the sum of $1,500,000 for the purchase of the collection of three thousand [...]

January 29

At 10 o’clock on this Monday morning in 1951, three men drove a station wagon to the Idlewild Airport in New York City. One of these men was a Customs broker. He was equipped with a set of pre-entry forms by which he expected to appease the Customs officials sufficiently to bring about the release [...]