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November 2

In a letter to Horace Walpole, M.P., addressed from Easy Hill, Birmingham on this day in 1762, John Baskerville wrote: “As the Patron and Encourager of Arts, and particularly that of Printing, I have taken the liberty of sending you a Specimen of mine, begun ten years ago at the age of forty-seven, and prosecuted [...]

June 25

The Journal of the Printing-Office at Strawberry Hill contains in its first entry, upon this day in 1757 the simple statement, ”The Press was erected. Wm. Robinson, printer.” The proprietor of the press was the English essayist Horace Walpole, younger son of the great prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole. Walpole’s attitude to printing may be [...]

February 15

A newspaper clipping had been inserted in a copy of the original journal maintained by Horace Walpole in which he recorded his experiences with the “Press at Strawberry Hill.” It described an event taking place on this day in 1731. “A Printing Press, and Cases for Composing, were on Monday put up at St. James’s [...]