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July 13

An almanac published in 1780 by the printer Isaiah Thomas in Worchester, Massachusetts, gained a unique distinction and greatly increased its printer’s reputation and subsequent business in almanacs with an accidental prognostication for this day. When the apprentice who was composing the page for this date inquired of Thomas what should be placed against the [...]

June 4

At the age of seven years Isaiah Thomas was indentured to a Boston printer named Zechariah Fowle, on this day in 1756. The articles provided that: “The said apprentice, his said master and mistress, well and faithfully shall serve; their secrets he shall keep close; their commandments lawful and honest everywhere he shall gladly obey; [...]

January 19

“Amidst the darkness which surrounds the discovery of many of the arts, it has been ascertained that it is practicable to trace the Introduction and Progress of Printing, in the northern part of America, to the period of the revolution.” Thus a printer named Isaiah Thomas who was born on this day in 1749, stated [...]