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November 6

“In God’s name, amen. Be it known to all who see or hear read this public document that in the year counted after the birth of Christ our Lord, one thousand four hundred and fifty five, in the third indiction, on thursday which was the sixth day of the month called Latin November, in the [...]

August 24

The copy of the great bible printed by Johann Gutenberg in Maim, Germany and now in the possession of the Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris, contains a note in the hand of Heinrich Cremer of St. Stephens College, Mainz, dated this day in 1456,that he had completed the illumination, headings, and binding. This is the earliest [...]

February 27

Johann Fust, a money-lender of Mainz who had been a partner of Johann Gutenberg in the establishment of the world’s finest printing office, died in Paris on this day in 1466, whence he had gone to sell printed bibles. He was probably the victim of a plague which swept that city during that year. Fust [...]