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May 2

Eleven hair trunks were delivered to the city of Washington on the second of May in the year 1801 and were placed in the office of the Clerk of the United States Senate. The trunks contained the first purchase of books for the newly formed Library for “the Use of Both Houses of Congress.” There [...]

March 10

“Hearing / Before the / Committee on the Library / House of Representatives / Seventy-first Congress / Second Session / on / H.R. 6147 / A bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to the Joint Committee on the Library the sum of $1,500,000 for the purchase of the collection of three thousand [...]

March 3

The Library of the Congress was assured of continuous growth by an enactment of Congress on March 3, 1865 which required that one copy of each work copyrighted in the United States was to be deposited in the library within one month of the date of publication. The same act extended protection to photographs and negatives. [...]