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Rudolph Ruzicka Brings Back Memories Of Typographic Greats

The turn of the century witnessed the development of a number of distinguished American craftsmen who were devoted to the art of printing and who contributed substantially to the craft. Bruce Rogers, Frederic W. Goudy, Daniel B. Updike, William A. Dwiggins, and most of the others have all passed from the scene, leaving behind them [...]

September 3

When compositors first became automated, they were anxious to exhibit their prowess in the operation of Mergenthaler’s Linotype machine by competing with one another in contests of speed typesetting, much as they had done when the hand type-stickers ruled the composing rooms. The machine-age swifts made appearances at county and state fairs and of course [...]

February 8

“It was born of compromise and courage, but grew and prospered through the faith of men who believed in its destiny.” These were not the resounding words of one of the founding fathers of our nation, but instead represent the opinion of a president of the American Type Founders Company, which was incorporated this day [...]