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November 11

The dedication of the Public Library of Haverhill, Massachusetts on November 11, 1875 was the occasion for the writing of a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier in which the printers craft was noted, making it one of the very few such references in the works of any ranking poet. Entitled The Library, the poem first [...]

September 29

Typical of the doggerel written by printers who fancied themselves as poets, and commonly seen in trade periodicals and even in the public prints up to a few generations ago, is The Merits of Printing, A Song anonymously contributed to the New York Public Advertiser in its issue of September 29, 1808. “When Learning and [...]

August 22

“It has been my endeavor to combine the agreeable with the useful, and should this, a first attempt, meet with the approbation of the ‘Gentlemen of the Press,’ to whom it is most respectfully inscribed, the aim of the Compiler will be attained, his warmest wishes realized, and a debt of heartfelt gratitude be owing [...]

January 14

It was possible upon this date in 1920 for a fortunate bibliophile with an interest in printing to purchase at auction any of the more than two thousand books from the library of the great American printer, Theodore Low De Vinne which were then being offered for realized just over twenty-four thousand dollars, and the [...]