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June 16

Mr. Porter Garnett, associate professor of graphic arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology, received a letter, dated this day in 1925, from Mr. Henry L. Bullen, curator of the Typographic Library and Museum of the American Type Founders Company, at Jersey City. This correspondence stated in part: “The Library has just received specimens Nos. 17 [...]

March 12

“There is no such thing nor can there be such a thing as ‘the ideal book.’” So began an essay on the ideal book, written by Porter Garnett, of the School of Printing at Carnegie Institute of Technology and founder of the Laboratory Press. He was born on March 12, 1869 in San Francisco. After [...]

February 28

The colophon of a private press book which was completed in Pittsburgh on this date in 1926 reads: Here endeth (paradoxically) ‘That Endeth Never,’ written by Hildegarde Planner as a gift for Porter Garnett and now embellished and put into type by him, at the Laboratory Press, for her and a few of their common [...]