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October 10

In a letter written from the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Salem to a friend in Bermuda on October 10, 1638, the Rev. Hugh Peter said: “Wee have a printery here and think to goe to worke with some special things, and if you have anything you may send it safely by these [Captain of the [...]

August 9

“The fact that Sam Nowell of the Class of August 9, 1653 had his ‘study in the printing roome’ indicates that the press had very little business; . . .” This statement by Samuel Eliot Morison in The Founding of Harvard College concerns the establishment which is generally termed the Cambridge Press, the first printing [...]

February 20

On this day, in 1947, James T. Babb, librarian of Yale University, journeyed to New York City with a check in his pocket made out in the sum of $151,000 to Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach, America’s great rare book dealer. In return for this slip of paper he received a copy of what appeared to be [...]