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December 11

Writing in bed at No. 7 Hammersmith Terrace on Sunday, this day in 1898, Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson stated in his journal, “I must, before I die, create the type for to-day of ‘the Book Beautiful,’ and actualize it—paper, ink, writing, printing, ornament and binding. I will learn to write, to print and to decorate.” Thus, [...]

August 11

“I sit in meditation on the matrices and punches of the Doves Press fount of type, and revolve in my mind whether I should destroy them in my lifetime, dedicate them to the purpose of the Press, and to the River upon whose shore the Press has lived and worked.” Thus reads the entry for [...]

April 29

The journal of Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson contained for this day in 1900 the following entry: “I have in hand now: (1) Organization of Printing Press. We are in treaty for No. 1 in the Terrace, and propose to install our printing press there. . . . And we have engaged a compositor, J.H. Mason, sent [...]

March 15

“I think I am dying,” wrote Sir Sidney Carlyle Cockerell upon a set of postcards of the spring flowers in Kew Gardens, and sent them to his family and friends, postmarked this day in 1962. The fact that he was then in his ninety-fifth year and had been confined to his bed for a number [...]