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T.M. Cleland: Outstanding American Typographer—II

About 1915 Cleland was commissioned to design all of the publicity material for the Locomobile Co., then producer of one of the country’s finest automobiles. Realizing the breadth of this assignment, the designer once again returned to practical printing, setting up a complete shop in which he could design and supervise every step of production. [...]

T.M. Cleland: Outstanding American Typographer

The last of that triumvirate of creative American typographers who were born in 1880, and about whom I have been writing in this department, is Thomas Maitland Cleland—a man whose personality was completely at variance with that of either Carl Rollins or W.A. Dwiggins. Whereas Rollins brought to his work an almost evangelical persuasion, and [...]

November 9

On this day in 1964 is recorded the death of Thomas Maitland Cleland in his eighty-fourth year. One of the great graphic artists of our time, he was not at all widely known during the last twenty years of his life, at least to the younger group of typographers. His insistence upon fundamental training in [...]

February 5

“The generosity of your invitation to me to speak on this important occasion leaves me a trifle bewildered. I am so accustomed to being told to keep my opinions to myself that being thus unexpectedly encouraged to express them gives me some cause to wonder if I have, or ever had, any opinions upon the [...]