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August 10

Rarely mentioned among the hazards of life experienced by the itinerant printer as he tramped from job to job was the abuse he had to suffer intellectually, by having to set type for a variety of periodicals with whose opinions he did not necessarily agree. Concerning the vulnerability of the ubiquitous compositor to editorial suggestion, [...]

July 11

John Bell the English publisher, typefounder, and bookseller, in his anxiety to produce the most splendid printing of his times, inserted into the columns of his own newspaper, The World, upon this day in the following advertisement: “Press-men for Book-work—Wanted, Four Complete Press-men, who can execute Book-work in the most perfect manner, and who can [...]

May 10

It might have been Thin Space McGill, but more likely it was Small Cap Jones, who—feeling poorly on this day in 1881—did something mighty unusual for a peregrinating printer; he stopped off to visit a doctor. The sawbones examined him and suggested that all he needed was a little more fresh air while sleeping. “Hell, [...]