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April 27

Henry Lewis Bullen, one of the most prolific writers on the subject of typography, died on April 27, 1938 in his eightieth year, honored for a unique and outstanding career devoted to the advancement of the printing craft. Indefatigable in his efforts to raise the standards of the ordinary printer, this Australian-born typographic historian and [...]

April 8

Early in 1891 there was set up in the Parish of St Bride in London a Foundation which was to be a center for educational and social activities in the area. This spot happened to be also the heart of the district which had contained, from the time of Wynkyn de Worde, the majority of [...]

March 14

John Mansir Wing, compositor, editor, and bibliophile, died on this day in 1917 in the city of Chicago, leaving all of his earthly possessions to the Newberry Library of that city. Born in New York’s Oswego County in 1845, Wing served an apprenticeship at the type case at an early age and worked as a [...]