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December 28

On this day in 1879 the eminent English printer and bibliophile William Blades received from a bookbinder of Northampton a “fat little worm” which had been discovered in his shop in the binding of a very old book. Blades wrote about the creature with the enthusiasm of an entomologist: “He bore his journey extremely well, [...]

December 5

William Blades, printer, bibliographer, and typographic historian, was born this day in the year 1824, in the London suburb of Clapham. A leading master printer and author of a number of books about printing, Blades is best known for his lifetime efforts to promote interest in the life of William Caxton, the first English printer. [...]

April 8

Early in 1891 there was set up in the Parish of St Bride in London a Foundation which was to be a center for educational and social activities in the area. This spot happened to be also the heart of the district which had contained, from the time of Wynkyn de Worde, the majority of [...]